Some New Faces

February 15th, 2017 | Posted by Anita in Uncategorized

2016, came with some new faces at our market.  With wonderful goods to offer.

  Stone and Shadow was a wonderful new addition Nadia, a vibrant young entrepreneur, offered many unique items, where variety certainly was not lacking.

Her vibrant nature brought a bright spirit to the market each week, and her products were just as bright.


Another new face, baring some sweet delectable treats, that were incredibly hard to walk past, came from Rosie’s Bakery.  The aroma was pleasantly intoxicating.

Rosie and Ana, brought another bright spirit to the market, with optimism each week for a good turn out.


We had some nostalgia rein in from Veronica who brought us Pop Art and collectibles.  Her pizazz was not only inviting, it was a must for a market like ours.

There was always something fantastical at her stall, and it was definitely a great addition for the gamers at heart.


Lilith, a young high school student joined us this year, with a cause.  A great one indeed.  With Round up the Rings, she had set out to make our community aware, that we need to care for our community and the critters that share it with us.

She painted young faces, and made the cutest critters, to raise money for her charity.


A studious young entrepreneur approached the market with TeeTime, his silk screen printing would no doubt be a hit at our market.  What a better gift for a special someone than a T-Shirt you got to design and have it printed on site to take with you. Toni brought some new innovations and ideas to our beloved market.


A few other new vendors attempted to beat the construction, although, admittedly, we all felt a certain defeat.  We were excited to see new faces, while we still missed those familiar ones, who have stood tall and proud of our market, and some since it’s conception.

Two needles One Hook joined us, and as always bringing some fun and funky crochet items that no doubt were wonderful gifts for those special people in our lives.  Fun, and inviting these ladies (Mandy and Melody), always strived for the market and its greatness.


The Sylver Dragon, Roared into the season and brought us unique one of a kind jewelry items.  Some set in a vintage tone, with all the comforts of years past.  Some upbeat and fresh, for those who enjoy something a little more out of the ordinary.  There was always something at Brenda’s table that was eye catching.


Nith Valley once again showed each week with a determination that leads by example.  Their fresh organic fruits and vegetables were no doubt gems at our market.  With some of the sweetest strawberries, I had ever tasted.   Always willing to share their unique growing methods, and give a little education about the food you bought.  There were always wonderful suggestions on how to best prepare these delicious foods, which is certainly invited.  I am a food lover, and when food tastes amazing and is fresh, and of excellent quality, you can’t help but stop on by and grab something to add to your next dinner.


Our very own Henna 4 You, Came out to join us as well.  We had many emails, regarding when they would arrive last season.  It appears they have quite a fan base.  Bhupi has brought a beautiful art to our market, and although she could not attend, she certainly sent us some wonderful individuals, with great talent.


CeresAmbrosia, attended the market, bringing natural soap, bath and body products once again.  With a passion for bringing us back to the ways that nature intended, CeresAmbrosia always strived to deliver a quality product.  We often joked that when it rained at least we would be all clean.  The Civic Square may be covered in luscious bubbles, although nonetheless, we would have a bubbly time at the market. We had for a short time another bubbly soap maker, from the Soap Tailor.  It was fun to see the differences and similarities and to share some trade secrets.

Pillitteri Estates Wines joined us for a short time, although the construction was not about to be merciful.  One of the greatest highlights is tasting delicious wines… mmm.  And where oh where did our sobering coffee guys go from To Bean or Not to Bean, now that certainly is the question.

We missed the TLC that TLC Pet Foods brought for our furry friends.  As they joined us at the beginning of the season, some wonderful news met their owner as they were getting ready to welcome a new addition to their family.  We hope that you will bring back to our market your wonderful pet food creations to keep all of our furry friends healthy and happy.

There seemed to be less sparkle at the market without Shelly’s Stone Works.  Her pieces are certainly inviting to the eye.  Her hard work and attention to detail and who delivers beautiful pieces of art, you can wear with pride.

Of course, we have missed all of our vendors who could not be with us this past season.  We were lost without our Bread Guy from Elora Bakery, who’s bread made me hungry every Thursday, and my Stall was next to his.  Hard to resist the smell of fresh baked bread.  We had not any Jewels Under our Kilt this season, certainly missing out on some high quality, delicious nutty bargains.  Jewels Under the Kilt. We certainly missed those wonderful gem colored carrots of seasons past, and where would we be without Top Market Meats?  And how about our fun loving Looms Bands Guy Corey?  So many of you were missed this season it is so hard to list all of you.   When we snapped pictures there was no one there to say cheese, as Monforte could not join us this past season.  I know I am missing so many more of you.  I hope that we will see everyone this season, as we aim to make this our best season yet.  For those of you I have not listed, my apologies.  I know that there were so many wonderful vendors, and I, unfortunately, can not remember them all by name.


The Market cannot thrive without all of you who’s efforts, and wonderful goodies, bring our community so many incredible options to choose form.  Local fresh foods, to enjoy and nourish not only the body but the mind and the soul as well. It was hard to have to tell our customers that many of you could not join us.  Not only missed by your market family, missed by those who drew to the market each week to taste the wonderful foods, and to choose that perfect addition either to their own wardrobe or home, or find that one of a  kind gift for someone who may be hard to buy for.  Let’s bring all of our wonderful vendors back to the Region, and offer our community the very best there is to offer.  Let’s Toast to 2017!





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