Market Day is Fast Approaching!

May 7th, 2017 | Posted by Anita in Events

We are gearing up for the market season, and it appears to be approaching faster than we anticipated.  Applications for the start date will be accepted up until May 14, 2017, for best choices in the placement of your booth/s.  The market will do everything it can to assist vendors in snapping up that special space. The Civic Square has added some wonderful new things.  A giant Scrabble board, for those who are word lovers at heart, a Snakes and Ladders board for those who wish to relive a childhood favorite or introduce a new generation to a classic game.  The Giant Jenga game will be out for those who want to test their skills and a story for the children to follow and choose their own adventure.  The market will be ensuring that we attempt not to block off these wonderful new additions.  They tend to add a little more ambiance to the market and taunt us while we are selling our wares.

While some changes will occur this season, we are still the same friendly family of food and craft vendors, that have always met each season in the Civic Square.  A family of individuals, and or families that wish to share with the community everything they have to offer.  I am anticipating the start date, and cannot wait to see what our vendors bring.  It is always so wonderful to see all of the fantastic crafts, and smell, all of the wonderful food smells.  The smell of fresh baked bread, that calls out to us, the beautiful colors of the fresh produce, enticing us to bring them to our dinner tables.  Finding that one great find, we can’t wait to tell a friend or family member about.  This is what the market is all about.  With friendly service and many smiles, the market becomes a favorite place for everyone.  A place where everyone is accepted and everyone can enjoy the atmosphere.

We are excited to see some of our returning vendors, this season.  We have missed many of our market family as the construction proved to be cruel.  However, we can make it through even the darkest, noisiest and dirtiest of times, and come together once again.  Opening Day is May 18, 2017, 3-7 pm, in our beloved spot in the Uptown Waterloo Public Square located at 75 King Street South in

See You there!

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