May 18th, 2017 | Posted by Anita in Uncategorized

It’s today, It’s today.

Today is opening day for the UpTown Waterloo Market.  Located in the Civic Square in front of The Shops in Uptown Waterloo and Beer Town.

Today marks the opening of a new season for the UpTown Waterloo Market.  It marks the first day of an exciting season.  We are happy to see some familiar faces returning and excited to meet new vendors. The UpTown Waterloo Market has been home to many vendors in Waterloo Region and surrounding areas.

I can see some sun shining through the clouds that I woke up to this morning, that seemed to loom overhead.  The market will run rain or shine, and we will make the best day we can out of whatever the weather has to bring.  It is an exciting time when everyone steps out from their heated houses and faces the spring with gratitude and excitement. A time where many talents greet each other with a kind hello, and a chance for the region to meet the talents of our community.It shall be an exciting day! Space ( as we do not have doors) will open at 3 PM.  See you all there!

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