The Market and the Blustery Stormy Day

May 19th, 2017 | Posted by Anita in Uncategorized

Yesterday was opening day at the UpTown Waterloo Market.  While set up was a little slow, we had much more to contend with.

Mother nature certainly enjoyed herself as the winds began to pick up, and the storm systems loomed overhead.  Nonetheless, our vendors came and while we enjoyed seeing some familiar faces, we had the opportunity to see some new ones.  The market is always a wonderful place to meet new crafters and farmers, new foodies as I like to call them, and entertainers.

We are happy to announce the return of Downie Street Bakery, where there is never a shortage of wonderful bread and sinful delights.  Their Cream Cheese Brownies are simply sinful.  I must say that they are moist, with the perfect amount of texture, a wonderful combination between a deep and rich chocolate, and cream cheese.  I obviously had to buy one.  Which I had to tell myself not to eat all at once.  So I saved some for today.  Their Sticky buns are divine, and I cannot wait to have some of their “Sexy Beast” granola this weekend.  As Alan (the bread guy) as we call him says “you are what you eat”  Downie street set up with a little bit of jazzy music to draw in our public, and greeted them with enthusiasm.

Nith Valley, of course, was on site, with their delicious crunchy vegetables, and some natural honey products.  How wonderful to see them out there.  While their business van was not in working order Victor showed up in the square in as he put it an “unrecognizable vehicle” ready to face the day, and whatever the weather had to bring.  They had delicious greens, asparagus, and so much more.  It is always nice to see those in our community ready to share such delicious and wonderful foods.

Dawn Kingsbury came from Sugar Babies Cakes, with a slew of gluten-free loaves of bread, cookies, and other delicious items.  An enthusiastic kind of gal, that suits my style full of pep and ready to face the day.  Sugar Babies cakes located in Elmira, came out to our little market in the square, to bring our community foods they can count on.  Knowledgeable, and kind Dawn and Sugar Babies Cakes is a wonderful addition to our market.

Nikki Proctor of Recreating the Brain arrived with her unique pieces of art.  No doubt one of a kind and certainly a conversation starter.

Designs by Pat arrived, and despite some hiccups, that mother nature had her hand in, set up with her own unique crafts.  Nicely displayed for our patrons to view.

Alma, from Essence Handmade Bath and Skin Care, arrived with some beautiful pieces of artwork herself.  her soaps are absolutely beautiful. A gal who has a passion after my own heart, making natural soaps without all of the other junk that can actually be pretty harmful. Unfortunately, the rains came and Vogueing was not going to happen, so no pictures could be gathered.  ( I express with a frowny face).  Alma has many other wonderful natural products, for men and women alive.  Her display showed how simplicity and beautiful craftsmanship can draw the eye.

Kailey’s University Fund… Kailey came out with a bright smile, and her wares, to assist herself in finishing university.  Another gal after my own heart and passion for going out in the world and making a difference in the lives of others.  Kailey, studying psychology, is aimed to head into the mental health sector, where there is no doubt she will be fantastic.  Her empathic skills are a valuable asset to the field.  She is a wonderful new addition to the market.

Rob Case from Water Watchers was on site to present some very important information about our water, where it comes from and the impact on our environment and resources.  A kind individual, ready to assist wherever needed.  Even after the wallops, we received from some pretty intense weather systems.

Farm Land trust was headed up by Julia and a wonderful pal, who brought even more valuable information to the market and our community.  they braved the blustery day with the rest of us, having to continually fix their display from mother natures lashings, although, they remained as optimistic as the rest of us, and we proceeded through the day.

Bernice from Special Touches arrived with her wonderful pieces.  Pillows for that special place in your home, one of a kind towels, and many other beautifully crafted items.  A very pleasant woman, who brings a ray of sunshine to the community.  Certainly, you can find the perfect gift here for a loved one.

Two needles One Hook, ( Mandy Tempest), was my, space buddy for the day.  Offering some beautiful crocheted creations, that are very intricate indeed.  So bright and colorful, they make you feel like cozying up by a fire, with a cup of tea.  Her display is inviting and creates a certain ambiance in the marketplace. Always working on something, she is busily working to bring our community some more one-of-a-kind items, and a perfect gift for that someone on your list.  My favorite is the barrettes, and baby sandals.

CeresAmbrosia (that’s me) arrived, with more soaps and sewing projects to share with our community. the blustery weather even had me running after items as the winds showed us no mercy.

Then came the rain, or should we call it rain.  It was like sheets of water drenching everything in its path.  We held steadfast to the tent as the winds were determined to sweep us away to Oz.

Sylvia Hook, one of our Board members was on site to assist in setting up the market, and helping me to carry out water for our vendors, should they need in the dragging heat.

Despite the weather, we stayed determined.  Although, as the weather worsened we were asked to close down the market for the safety of our vendors.  We cannot wait for next week and are hoping for better weather.  As our market continues to grow in numbers, we will have many more talents and delicious eats to bring to our community.

Here’s to a wonderful season filled with wonderful and maybe surprising things.



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