Aroma Cafe

 Aroma - flower cookies
Proprietor: Kiki Doucette
City: Waterloo, ON
Contact INFO:518-884-0411

Aroma cafe can be found in the Atrium at 33 Erb Street West in Waterloo.  we are the only  coffee rostaary in Waterloo!  Come by  the UpTown Market to try a sample of some of our fresh roasted coffee. At AROMA CAFE we are dedicated to sourcing and roasting superior coffees. We carefully select premium 100% Arabica beans from around the globe and hand roast them in small batches to enhance the flavour profile of each variety. Fresh and flavourful, truly coffee at its best.

In addition to our delicious coffee, we offer freshly baked treats at the Market.

In our cafe you will find a wider variety including muffins, scones, cookies and a full lunch menu including:

  • Home-made soups
  • Salads
  • Bibimbap(Korean rice bowl dish)
  • Paninis
  • Vegetarian and vegan Sandwiches
  • In-house baked croissants from scratch
  • Fresh baked goodies
  • Gluten free line
  • Smoothies
  • New Taiyaki(fish shaped yummy snack or dessert)

We also have a selection of green beans for your home roasting.

Dream Project: Our goal is to provide best possible coffees and food to the Waterloo region.


Aroma - Kiki